Accept bookings anywhere and delight your customers.

Create, launch and optimise your booking flow in minutes. Embed on websites, add to socials or use offline to easily boost direct bookings.

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Start taking direct bookings within minutes

In three easy steps, you can stop relying on the big booking sites and boost your direct bookings instead. It’s definitely not rocket science.

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Land more customers

Prompt customers to book instantly with the plug-and-play widget and watch your revenue take off. Integrate the widget with your existing website or social media accounts and within minutes, it’ll be all systems go!

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Socials working smarter

Turn your Facebook, Instagram and TikTok accounts into powerful booking channels. Add your custom link and start collecting direct payments - even if you don't have a website. Easy peasy!

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Encourage real-world bookings

Get growing with your own custom-branded QR codes. Add the code to your promotional materials, signage or business cards and increase your profits in no time.

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We’re adaptable, just like you.

Run rings around your competitors and boost your customer experience with our unique, flexible platform built just for you. We adapt to your feedback and focus on building tools that keep you and your customers smiling. We’re always improving our product, so let us know if there is something you’d love to see included.

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Don't waste money on expensive booking managers.

Gone are the days of paying astronomical fees just to accept bookings on your own website or social media channels. Instead, Wandora gets you accepting bookings quickly and at little cost.

Make the switch

Already got a booking manager and worried about change? No worries, we'll move it over to Wandora for free - too easy.

Anytime, anywhere

With a Wandora booking flow you get your own personalised link like, embed it on your site, social media... or anywhere.

Pay as you grow

We only charge a small percentage on each direct booking, and your earnings get directly deposited in your account weekly.

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